UW Men’s Hockey Veteran of the Game

UW Men’s Hockey is sponsoring a Veteran for each UW men’s home game.  You will receive four tickets to the game, which includes yourself, and you will be introduced “On the Ice” at the beginning of the game as the Veteran of the game.  If you are interested in being the Veteran of the game, please contact Scott Groff at (C: 608-417-0723) with the following personal information and your top three game dates in order of preference.  He will then contact you with a game date, or let you know we filled up.

Info I need from you: Name, Branch, Rank, Hometown, Years of Service, and Where / When You Served

Potential Game Dates (*text or email me your top three, in order*):

Minnesota Duluth- Friday Oct.18 & Saturday Oct. 19

Clarkson- Friday Oct. 25

Notre Dame- Friday Nov. 15 & Saturday Nov. 16

Michigan- Saturday Nov. 30 & Sunday Dec. 1

Ohio State- Friday Jan. 10 & Saturday Jan. 11

Michigan State- Friday Jan. 17 & Saturday Jan. 18

Minnesota- Friday Jan. 31 & Saturday Feb. 1

Penn State- Saturday Feb. 15

Arizona State- Friday Feb. 21 & Saturday Feb. 22