General Manager Job Posting

Position Description – General Manager

It is the policy of VFW Day Post 7591 to grant equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, handicap, or marital status. It is also the intent and desire that equal opportunity be provided in employment, promotion, wages, benefits and all other privileges, terms, and conditions of employment. 

The General Manager will schedule working hours. Hours will vary according to business hours scheduled and needs of the Post. 

Employees will be notified at the time of employment whether they will be hired as a full or part-time employee. Full-time employees must be approved by the House Committee. Employees will be given a copy of Canteen SOP, Employee Handbook and are expected to adhere to the procedures.

The General Manager will provide the House Committee with a written evaluation of a new employee after 90 days of employment. The supervisor accomplishing the evaluation will use the employee evaluation form found in Employee Handbook – Appendix B. Additionally, the employee will complete the Statement of Understanding contained in Canteen SOP- Appendix A and Employee Handbook – Appendix A of these procedures during the 90-day review. The supervisor will continue to use the employee evaluation form to evaluate each employee annually. The General Manager will provide the results of each evaluation to the House Committee for review.

Employees hired as a bartender or cook will be appropriately licensed within 45 days of his / her hire date. It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain any training or documentation necessary to be receive their license.

The General Manager will work under the supervision of the House Committee Chairperson.  The General Manager will supervise all full and part time employees that are on payroll.

Salary and Compensation

Starting at $55k per year and some paid time off, plus options for healthcare, dental and vision.  At the beginning of the year, the General Manager and House Committee Chair will set goals together.  We will then do a mid-year review and end of year review to track progress on those goals. 


-A minimum of 40 hours is required and should be scheduled to work large events; as well as varied dates and times to supervise all employees and gain a better understanding of the entire operation of the VFW

-Can be scheduled to bartend.  Completing all required managerial tasks should be prioritized over bartending shifts to fulfill required hours. 

-Hours can include any required training and professional development.

How to Apply

Mail or deliver resume to 301 Cottage Grove Road, Madison Wi 53716 ATTN House Committee, anticipate interview within a few days of submitting resume


Email resume to AND to – anticipate interview within a few days of submitting resume

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

General Staffing:

-You will be the primary manager that all staff come to for questions about their job, employee conflicts, scheduling, training, new ideas, etc.  You will be trained on all jobs to ensure your success should any questions arise.  The House Committee will be available to support you as needed.

-Ensure that each employee has completed all proper new hire paperwork and is properly trained by you and experienced staff. 

-Maintenance of employee files including documentation of required training and compliance with all State/Federal Employment Laws.

-Managing all around payroll budget and staff paycheck approvals. Working with employees to resolve any errors if people forget to clock in/clock out.

-Scheduling-This includes making the schedule for the back hall, managing call-ins, cutting staff when slow and recommended hours and days of open business.

-Ordering of all beverages, food and bathroom/cleaning supplies. You will be required to be budget conscious and bring up concerns about spending with the House Committee as we will with you.

-Overall management of property which includes security, cleanliness, and all things customer service.

-Ensure music is scheduled appropriately – currently being done by a bartender performing stage manager role.

-Creation and management of all facility-work/cleaning tasks. This includes any lawn maintenance (you do not have to mow the lawn but make sure who is hired, or volunteers is there and doing it), snow removal and other items that make the property appealing and safe for customers.  Direct contractors involved in the cleanliness of the building and the grounds. 

In charge of overall customer experience from the time the customer arrives on our property to the time they leave. With this also comes rule enforcement.

The General Manager (or designee) is the only person authorized to sign a Hall Rental and Catering Agreement and ensuring payment at rates set by the House Committee, Canteen SOP –Appendix C. Maintain the event calendar on all scheduled events, regardless of size. The beginning and ending time of each event should be noted on the calendar. 

Cooperate with all subsidiary organizations of the VFW and any group holding a valid contract for any of our rental space as defined in these procedures. Order supplies for the bar operation and supplies requested by subsidiary organizations. 

Report any member or patron that has been denied Post privileges due to Post rule violations to the House Committee. 

Retain the authority to hire, discipline, and discharge employees within the policies defined in the Employee Handbook. 

Retain responsibility for all monies received through the rental and bar operations until turned over to the Post Quartermaster or Assistant Quartermaster. 

Establish and use internal controls, inventories, etc. to account for the monies and liquid assets under the manager’s responsibility.  Experience with quickbooks or willingness to learn is required.

Retain responsibility for the security of the Post building, property, and monies according to instructions received from the Post Quartermaster. 

Retain responsibility for the proper operation of all equipment associated with the building and bar operation. Emergency maintenance of equipment will be done immediately with the advice and consent of the House Committee Chair.  

Train employees in the bar operations, security, check cashing and any other duties. 

Attend all regularly scheduled and special House Committee meetings. 

Meet with the House Committee Chairperson prior to the monthly meeting to discuss any problems to be brought up. The General Manager shall have time to make a report on operations, to include a profit and loss statement and will generally be the first item on the agenda for the House Committee monthly meeting. 

Advise the Post Quartermaster regarding days off and vacation of all employees for payroll purposes.   Schedule personal vacation with the Post Quartermaster. 

Notify the House Committee Chair as soon as possible when sick or incapacitated. 

Perform such other duties related or incidental to this position.